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Different Rigging Chain Slings and Their Uses

Did you know that rigging chain slings are being used for more than 90% of the world’s goods being shipped across oceans? Industries use chain sling cranes to transfer products securely. 

As a cargo handler or freight forwarding company, it would be best to know the different types of rigging chain slings you can use to move cargo safely. Let’s explore them below.

Types of Rigging Chain Slings

The crane is used on multiple occasions. Whether you're into construction, loading, or drilling, you can learn the basics of rigging chain slings and their benefits in this article.

Single-legged Rigging Chain Slings

This chain type supports the entire load with a single chain. Since it’s only one, the weight distribution should be equal and done with extra attention. 

Using this chain requires a lot of precaution and planning. Depending on the supporting hooks and their style and thickness, the loading capacity of a single legger chain can go up to 70,000 lbs. 

Double-legged Rigging Chain Slings

Double-legged Rigging Chain Slings

Double-legged chain slings have two links that support the load. They are an excellent choice for lifting heavy and massive cargo, such as vertical slades, pipes, and concrete slabs. Some models boast of a weight capacity of 100,000 lbs, depending on the hooks used: sling, foundry, or grab hook. 

Multiple-legged Rigging Chain Slings

All other slings that have more than two links are multiple-legged rigging chains. These allow you to carry around really heavy items, like concrete, marble, or steel structures. Loading the cargo on an even number of links is always easier than an odd number of links. 

Three-Leg Chain Slings

The three-legged chain sling has three chain lengths, with three different hooks that support the cargo’s weight. Its configuration is ideally used with a bridle hitch consisting of three pick-up centers. 

Four-Leg Chain Slings 

The four-legged sling consists of a pair of hooks that can be ideally positioned, forming a line between the hooks. It allows for a perfect weight balance of all kinds of shapes, from rectangular and round to uneven. Plus, it can carry more than 180,000 lbs of cargo, depending on the hooks and machines used in the process. 

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