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Rigging Done Right: Essential Tips for Choosing Equipment in Humid, Subtropical Climates

Most land areas of Florida lie in the Southernmost part of the North Hemisphere, giving the state its humid, subtropical to tropical climate. 

Operating in humid, subtropical climates poses an additional challenge for industries that include rigging in their operations. High humidity, fluctuating temperatures, and occasional heavy downpours can be harsh on equipment. 

Choosing the right rigging gear for such environments is not just about efficiency; it's about ensuring the crew's safety and the equipment's longevity. 

This blog will explore the essential tips for selecting rigging equipment that stands up to the challenges of these climates.

Tip #1. Understand the Climate Impact

Comprehending how a humid, subtropical climate affects rigging equipment is crucial. This climate is characterized by high humidity, which can lead to corrosion and rust in metal parts. 

Moisture can also affect synthetic materials, causing them to degrade over time. Temperature variations can lead to expansion and contraction in materials, affecting their strength and durability.

Tip #2. Opt for Corrosion-Resistant Materials

When selecting hardware such as hooks, shackles, and chains, prioritize materials that are resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel, galvanized steel, and coated alloys are excellent choices. These materials are designed to withstand moisture-laden air, reducing the risk of rust and ensuring longevity.

Tip #3. Choose Synthetic Fibers Wisely

For slings and ropes, synthetic materials like nylon and polyester are often preferred in these climates due to their resistance to moisture-related issues. However, not all synthetics are created equal. Look for high-quality, UV-resistant materials that can handle the high humidity and intense sunlight typical of subtropical regions.

Tip #4. Conduct Regular Inspection and Maintenance

Regular inspection and maintenance of rigging equipment in humid climates become even more critical. Look for signs of wear, corrosion, or damage in every component. Implement a strict maintenance schedule, and don’t hesitate to replace any piece of equipment that shows signs of significant wear.

Tip #5. Consider the Effects of Saltwater

Saltwater can be a major concern if you’re working near the coast of a humid, subtropical region. It’s highly corrosive and can quickly deteriorate standard rigging equipment. In these cases, investing in marine-grade equipment is essential. These are specially designed to resist saltwater corrosion.

Tip #6. Take Temperature and Humidity Considerations

Equipment performance can vary with temperature changes. Some materials become more brittle in colder temperatures, which is still possible in subtropical climates during winter. Ensure your equipment is rated for the range of temperatures it might encounter.

Tip #7. Factor in the Wet Conditions

Wet conditions not only affect the equipment but also the handling. Choose gear with features that enhance grip and handling safety in wet conditions. Textured surfaces on handles and controls can significantly improve safety.

Tip #8. Practice Proper Storage and Transportation

Proper storage is vital to protect the rigging equipment from weathering when not in use. Store rigging equipment in a dry, well-ventilated area to prevent moisture accumulation. When transporting, use covered containers to protect the equipment from direct exposure to harsh elements.

Tip #9. Training and Awareness

Ensure your team is well-trained and aware of the unique challenges of humid, subtropical climates. This includes knowledge of proper handling, maintenance, and storage practices specific to these environmental conditions.

Tip #10. Consult with Experts

Lastly, when in doubt, consult with rigging experts or manufacturers. They can provide invaluable advice on the best equipment for your needs and conditions.

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