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Synthetic Rope for Lifting, Mooring and Material Handling

Why shop from Southeast Rigging?

Southeast Rigging is a premier source of cordage for lifting, rigging, and material handling. Our products are trusted by businesses and contractors in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and the rest of the Southeast region.

With over one hundred years of combined experience, our team can help you find the right type of cordage for every application. We offer a full selection of arborist ropes, tree ropes, mooring lines, and come-alongs

Arborist ropes are made from various braided and twisted materials that provide excellent strength, low stretch, and easy handling. Tree ropes are designed to be lightweight and durable while providing maximum safety when working in arboriculture. 

Mooring lines are designed to keep ships safe at the dock or anchor. They're made with strong synthetic fibers that provide excellent tensile strength and durability. Come-alongs are also available to help raise and lower large objects. With Southeast Rigging, you can find the proper cordage for any job. 

Our sales representatives also provide after-sales support for all customers. Shop today.

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Double Braids

Double braids for cordage are a rope-making technique used to make strong, durable ropes. The double braid consists of two strands interwoven in opposite directions and bound together at the ends. The double braid is considered one of the strongest types of rope available, providing high strength with low stretch.


Industrial Applications


It takes massive effort to pull long lengths of a transmission line. So, Samson designs ropes for optimal strength and ultra-long lengths. These ropes use high-modulus fibers to meet the rigorous demands of all utility applications. Our hand lines, pulling lines, stringing lines, and winch lines get the job done securely.

Take a look at the full line of available utility products on our full catalog or at https://samsonrope.com/utility to find the right rope for the right application. Alternatively, you may request a copy of the brochure from one of our sales representatives.


Mining is one of the most arduous industries. Samson contributes to a safer, more efficient job through its high-performance synthetic ropes. These ropes can replace wires for any dumping, dragging, or lifting job.

Talk to one of our knowledgeable sales representatives if your situation requires a custom solution. We can help you find the right product or get a custom-engineered option.


Off-roading will always have its share of adventures and hazards. Get out of any sticky situation by investing in strong, flexible, abrasion-resistant, and easy-to-splice winch lines.


Climbing up trees is not an easy task. Arborists have to invest in the most secure ropes and harnesses to ensure a safe climb and landing. Samson lines comply with industry standards to provide the strength needed to keep tree-climbing arborists secure on the job.

Our rigging lines are designed for maximum versatility and wear resistance. You may view the full product line on our catalog or by visiting https://samsonrope.com/arborist.


Safety is always the main priority at any job site. Samson makes sure that its ropes, cordage, and fabricated lifelines meet multiple industry standards, including ANSI Z-359. 1-2007, California State OSHA guidelines, and Federal OSHA guidelines. Our sales reps will help you find the right rope for any job.


Rescuers should focus on the job instead of what rope they need to grab in any type of emergency. Samson’s UL-approved static rappelling lines are made for safe and secure high-angle rescue.


Equipment failure is never an option in the fast-paced entertainment industry. Samson’s rigs, lines, tie-downs, and accessories are designed for the needs of the sports, filmmaking, and stage rigging industries.

*** We offer a complete line of manila & three-strand ropes for all major industries.

Our Cordage Products




Learn more about our cordage options

Southeast Rigging features a full catalog of lifting, rigging, and material handling products and equipment. View pages 145 to 148 of the catalog for more details about our available cordage.

Quality of Our Cordages

High Performance

We carry a variety of high-performance cordage that can be used to aid or assist in many lifting applications. These ropes are designed to offer superior strength and reliability.
High Performance
Double braid

Reliable Strength and Stability

Double-braid rope is made using a braided core surrounded by a braided cover. This design helps maintain strength and stability while being very dependable in many situations.


This cordage features an entirely synthetic construction, making it cost-effective and resistant to abrasion. These ropes are generally stronger and more durable than natural fibers, making them ideal in harsh conditions.
Versatile Cordage


Our cordage products are versatile. Whether you're looking for a secure anchor line, a decorative marine rope, or an all-purpose utility cord, we have the perfect product to meet your needs. Our wide selection of sizes, colors, and materials provides endless possibilities for creating a custom solution.

Cordage Materials


Manila rope is a classic style that offers excellent strength and durability. This fiber rope is used in general marine, shipping, industrial, and many other situations. It is resistant to sunlight and will not melt.


Nylon cordage is one of the strongest ropes used for common applications. It is known for its shock-absorbing capabilities and will return to its original length after being stretched. Nylon rope is also very durable and abrasion-resistant.


Polydac rope is a composite blend of polypropylene and polyester fibers. This results in a low-cost utility rope that can be used in many applications. It has low-stretch properties and is very resistant to abrasion.


Polypro rope is made from polypropylene monofilament fibers that are twisted together. This results in cordage nearly twice as strong as manila rope while also being resistant to rot and most common chemicals.



Arborist tree ropes are available in various lengths and sizes to meet the needs of any tree climber, tree removal technician, or tree service professional. With their tight sheath construction and high-strength core, tree ropes provide the ultimate support for tree-work operations.


Trusted Brands for Cordage Solutions



Samson is one of the most well-known and widely respected synthetic rope and cordage manufacturers. The brand continues to develop high-quality products that can be utilized in many different applications.


Tytan is a leading manufacturer of ropes and cordage for agriculture and industrial purposes. We carry a variety of their products to meet your lifting, rigging, or any other common applications.
General Works

General Works

General Works is another widely regarded name in the rigging and lifting industry because of the many strong and reliable cordage and rope options they offer. We carry many of their top products, including synthetic and manila ropes.
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