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Different Types of Lifting Blocks in Georgia

Lifting blocks are vital components in the rigging and lifting industry and are used across various applications to maneuver heavy loads with precision and safety. Their design and functionality make them indispensable for construction, marine operations, oilfield activities, and more. Let’s explore the diverse types of lifting blocks available, focusing on the offerings from our manufacturers.

Overhaul Balls

Johnson overhaul balls stand out in the rigging equipment landscape, offering more than 240 models ranging from 35 pounds to an impressive 1150 pounds, or from 3 tons to 30 tons in capacity. This extensive range ensures an overhaul ball suited for nearly any field application, including options for non-swivel balls. Their versatility and wide range of sizes cater to various industrial needs, underscoring their importance in lifting and rigging tasks.

Fixed Bail Construction and Marine Rigging Blocks

When you need a lifting block in Georgia for fixed bail construction and marine rigging blocks, the industry benefits from a collection of 100 standard models. These blocks feature a wide range of weight-to-capacity ratios, ensuring quick rigging and easy maintenance. Beyond their high-quality construction, these products can be custom-engineered to meet specific requirements, demonstrating adaptability and user-focused design.

Quick Reeve Mobile Crane Block

This mobile crane block is designed with safety and efficiency in mind. Featuring a quick-release zinc-plated pin that meets OSHA requirements for rope retention, these blocks can handle weight capacities ranging from 5 to 300 tons. For projects requiring greater capacity, custom inquiries are welcome.

Snatch Blocks

Southeast Rigging offers an impressive array of snatch blocks from Johnson, including 235 standard models of single-sheave and double-sheave configurations. With sheave diameters ranging from 3 to 24 inches and weight capacities from 2 to 30 metric tons, these blocks are engineered for versatility and reliability in various lifting scenarios.

Wire Rope Sheaves

Known for their cost-efficiency and proven performance, wire rope sheaves are available in sizes from 3 to 108 inches, with over 250 standard models to choose from. Having sold over 100,000 products, their widespread use across businesses and contractors worldwide speaks to their reliability and effectiveness.

Open Wedge Sockets

The open wedge sockets represent the perfect blend of secure attachment and optimal versatility. Constructed from cast alloy steel, these sockets are designed for ease of change and compatibility with various rope sizes, making them a go-to choice for dynamic lifting operations.

Oilfield Blocks

With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing oilfield equipment, Johnson caters to the rigging and lifting needs of the petroleum industry with a focus on durability and performance. Custom-engineered oilfield blocks are also available, ensuring that specific operational requirements can be met with precision.


Southeast Rigging's selection of swivels encompasses standard designs that promise longevity and durability. These heavy-duty products, available at reasonable costs, can also be custom-engineered, offering solutions that match the unique demands of lifting and rigging tasks.

We at Southeast Rigging are dedicated to safety, efficiency, and versatility, which is why so many come to us for a lifting block in Georgia. Whether for construction, marine, oilfield, or general lifting purposes, there's a lifting block designed to meet every need. Call us today to talk to a representative who can point out the right block for you.

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