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Hoists and Winches

Find the perfect rigging winches for your business at Southeast Rigging. We provide winches and hoists of all sizes for various commercial and industrial applications.

Why shop from Southeast Rigging?

Southeast Rigging is a premier provider of heavy-duty lifting hoists and winches. Businesses and contractors know they will find the right product for the job from our extensive product selection and with the help of our knowledgeable sales representatives.

Our sales reps can recommend electric hoists and winches based on the size and weight of the load you’re handling. You can request USA-made products. We also have solid after-sales support. As a customer, you can call our one-stop shop anytime for assistance with or concerns about your purchased products.

Let us help you find the right hoists and winches for any job. Visit our shop today and see why we're the leading provider of winches and hoists in Georgia and Tampa, Jacksonville, and Orlando, Florida.

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Choosing The Right Type Of Electric Hoists and Witches

Manual vs. electric powered winches and hoists — this is one of the deciding factors about which hoist to get. Manual hoists are more appropriate for occasional usage, while electric hoists are more suitable for regular usage. It isn’t the only factor you should consider, though. 

In addition to your power source, you have to consider the type of load that you’re lifting. Can a manual hoist do the job? Or will an electric hoist be more efficient? 

You also have to think about lifting height and speed. Maximize workplace efficiency and safety by choosing lifting winches and hoists specially designed for your application’s lifting height and speed.

Southeast Rigging is the Southeast region’s trusted supplier of hoists. With over 100 years of combined industry experience, we can help you determine the right hoist for each job. Our products are some of the most durable and efficient hoists on the market. Shop today.

Our Winches and Hoists

If your business needs rigging and lifting winches and hoists to transport heavy materials and equipment, count on our impressive inventory. Our comprehensive list of rigging equipment will have the ideal winch and hoist to handle your required load.

hand chain hoist


We offer several manual hoists to meet specific lifting applications. Manual hoists are very durable and portable, making them versatile and effective when an electric hoist isn’t desirable.


Electric hoists provide easy lifting capabilities and are used to help lift and move various heavy loads. All of the options we carry have a powerful electric motor alongside electric controllers that are simple to operate.
Electric chain hoist
Air hoist

Pneumatic / Air

Pneumatic/air hoists use compressed air powered by a compressor to help lift heavy loads. These hoists are ideal in harsh conditions and environments and are often used for mining and drilling situations.


Hoist trolleys are often used for crane-assisted lifting applications. These hoists function by moving on top of or underneath the bridge girder to better position it above a load.
Trolley Hoist
Portable power winch


We carry many different winches to help assist lifting and pulling applications. These are essential in various rigging situations, and our extensive options available here will help you find a winch that best meets your needs.


Davit winches are reliable electric winches capable of lifting heavy loads in conjunction with a crane. Davit floor cranes and winches provide versatile lifting and rigging solutions in many situations.
Davit Crane
Job Crane - Gorbel


Jib winches are used with a jib crane to help lift heavy loads. They can be affixed to the back of a pickup truck, in a boat, or on the manufacturing floor to assist with many different lifting needs.


Repair winches are used in many different maintenance and repair situations where serious lifting is required. These can be used for construction projects and other heavy-duty conditions as well.
Repair winch
Harrington Hoist


Harrington is a leader and innovator in the hoist and crane industry, and we offer a variety of these hoists to meet the needs of many industrial applications. The brand is well known for reliability in extreme environments.


Columbus McKinnon produces some of the industry's best electric and air hoists. These are available to match your lifting applications' various parameters, specifications, and capacities.


Elephant Lifting Products is a family-owned and operated company that offers dependable winches and hoists. Their winches can be used in versatile applications for lifting and rigging in many different situations.


Vanguard is a high quality imported hoist. We stock these manual products in both chainfalls and lever hoists.



Thern is a worldwide winch and crane manufacturer that has been producing quality lifting, pulling, and positioning equipment for over 70 years. We carry several Thern winches to help meet your lifting and rigging needs.


Nabrico offers a wide selection of winches to meet nearly every marine-based lifting and rigging application. Their products are respected for dependable performance in demanding situations.

Learn more about our electric hoists and winches

Southeast Rigging features a full catalog of rigging, lifting, and pulling equipment. View pages 133 to 136 of the catalog for detailed information about our hoists and winches. Aside from lifting winches and hoists, we also offer other rigging equipment to make material and equipment transport more efficient.

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