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How Spreader Beams Improve Safety and Efficiency in Lifting Operations

When dealing with a wide or uniquely-shaped load, it is crucial to use a spreader beam instead of focusing on a single attachment point. Concentrating the weight on a small area can cause the load to swing, tilt, or harm the nearby workers. Sometimes, the load becomes deformed, damaged, and unusable since it wasn't appropriately lifted.

Using a spreader beam for rigging is necessary for better load control and support than traditional rigging. Spreader beams are below-the-hook-lifting devices that provide more than a single attachment point to lift the load. They are designed to spread the load of a heavy object over a wider area, making it easier to lift and transport.

Let’s discover how spreader beams ensure safer and more efficient lifting operations:

The Benefits of Using Spreader Beams in Rigging

1. Reduces the risk of load damage

One of the biggest risks associated with lifting heavy objects is the potential for load damage. When lifting heavy objects with a single point of attachment, such as a crane hook, the load’s weight is concentrated in a small area, which can deform or damage the load. Spreader beams distribute the load over a wider area, reducing the risk of damage.

2. Improves load stability

By spreading the load out over a wider area, the beams prevent the load from swinging or tilting, which can cause it to become unstable and potentially fall. This increased stability improves safety and makes it easier to control the load during lifting and transport.

3. Increases lifting capacity

Spreader beams increase lifting capacity by reducing the stress on individual components of lifting equipment, such as the crane hook or hoist. The beams distribute the weight of the load equally within the wide area, allowing the equipment to lift heavier loads safely and efficiently without the risk of damage or failure.

The Benefits of Using Spreader Beams in Rigging

4. Enables the safe lifting of awkwardly-shaped loads

Spreader beams are also useful for lifting awkwardly-shaped loads that cannot be lifted using a single point of attachment. This is especially true for awkwardly-shaped loads like narrow pipes or beams. Spreader beams allow you to spread the load out all over the area, making it easier to lift and transport the load safely and efficiently.

Choose Southeast Rigging Inc.’s Spreader Beams for Unique Lifting Applications

Every rigger needs to have a spreader beam in their arsenal, as they can be used with a wide range of lifting equipment, such as cranes, hoists, and forklifts, and can be adapted to suit different loads and lifting requirements. Spreader beams are an essential tool for improving the safety and efficiency of unique lifting operations. They offer several benefits, including reducing the risk of load damage, improving load stability, increasing lifting capacity, and enabling awkwardly-shaped loads to be lifted. 

At Southeast Rigging, Inc., we take pride in designing and inspecting our spreader beams to ensure they meet the highest safety and quality standards. We understand that specialized lifting operations require specialized equipment, so riggers trust us for all their lifting needs. Contact us through any of our phone numbers or fill out our form to let us assist you in finding the perfect spreader beam for your specific requirements.

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