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ZRC Cold Galvanizing Compound













Powerful Corrosion Protection 
& Superior Lubrication.

WHEN IT COMES TO PROTECTING WHAT’S IMPORTANT, WHY SETTLE FOR SECOND BEST? Fluid Film is the worldwide standard for corrosion control and equipment maintenance. Its unique woolwax (lanolin) formula contains no solvents to evaporate. Always active, it will not become tacky and will not readily freeze, providing long-term protection to all metals and superior lubrication to all moving parts.

Proven in the most severe conditions, Fluid Film stops rust on contact. It creates a non-drying barrier of protection that moisture and corrosive environments cannot penetrate. Fluid Film will not harm most paints, plastics, or oil-resistant rubbers. Will not burn greenery when used on cutting devices. It is not water-soluble and resists wash-off. Fluid Film protects in sub-zero weather conditions. It is non-conductive and does not support static electricity on electronic equipment.

Care should be taken around non oil resistant rubber goods. May cause swelling. Fluid Film may soften some vehicle undercoatings. Check with dealer/vehicle manufacturer as to compatibility.

Some exceptional applications include, but are not limited to: Equipment being shipped or stored, Mower Decks, Tools, Metals exposed to salt air and water, Battery Terminals, Hinges, Locks, Chains, Cables, Rollers, Slides, Firearms, Hedge Trimmers, Snow Equipment, and Valves.
Fluid Film is economical, easy to apply and available in a variety of container sizes:

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ZRC Cold Galvanizing Repair Compound

The original Cold Galvanizing Compound! Providing superior zinc coating protection for over 50 years!


Enjoy the following great benefits with ZRC Cold Galvanizing Compound:

• 95% zinc in the dry film using only Type III “ultra pure” ASTM-D-520 zinc
• Meets and exceeds Fed.Spec. DOD-P-21035A (Galvanizing Repair Spec);
MIL-P-26915A (USAFZinc Dust Primer);ASTM Des. A-780 (Standard
Practice for Repair of Damaged Hot-Dip Galvanized Coatings;SSPC-Paint
20 (specification for Zinc-Rich Primer)
• Passes 3,000 hours salt spray testing without failure (ASTM Des. B117)
• Passes Preece Test (ASTMDes. A239) for hot-dip galvanizing
• Passes 9-year subtropical testing
• Low VOC approved in all 50 states
• SO 9001 registration assures the highest quality consistently.


Field applied galvanizing
Repairing hot-dip galvanizing
Rust proofing welds
Repairing inorganic zinc
Re-galvanizing of worn hot-dip
Metal fabrication
Antenna Towers
Petrochemical Plants
Roads& Bridges
Industrial Maintenance
Water Treatment
Marine & Offshore
Cooling Towers
Hundreds more!


The difference ZRC is made possible by ZRC’s high zinc content (95% by weight in the
dried film of“ultra pure” (ASTM D520 Type III) zinc dust, ensuring that more metallic zinc is available for superior galvanic protection against corrosion.This high purity zinc dust is
compounded with a tenacious non-encapsulating binder using a highly controlled
trade secret process in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

The result is a self-healing galvanic film that does not require sand –
blasting for most applications, providing both up-front labor savings and extended longevity of corrosion protection. We offer a Certification of Compliance to these exacting material standards and a
copy of the most recent ISO Registration Certification.

The Proof is in the Photos

These scanning electron microscope photos
illustrate the difference between the true galvanic
protection of ZRC and a competitor’s low
percentage zinc coating.

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