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Tips for Picking the Right Lifting and Rigging Equipment

Some organizations might struggle with not knowing what kind of rigging and lifting equipment to use for the work required. Would a marine rope be the best option or will wire suffice? Are wire rope slings preferable or is a chain sling adequate for the task at hand?

If your workplace uses lifting and rigging equipment regularly, safety and efficiency at work would depend on your choice of appropriate rigging equipment. This article will outline the different options available on the market, and how you can choose the one that is right for you. We will discuss some key features to look for when you do your purchase.

Before Starting Your Search, Make a List

If you are certain of the type of equipment you require, write down the exact model and specifications. List down options in case your first choice is not available, and rank them according to priority.

If cost is the deciding factor in your product selection, just make sure you don't compromise quality for the price. Your preference for convenience and cost-effectiveness should not be an excuse to purchase subpar products.

Check for Correct Temperature

For many types of rigging equipment, temperature is crucial. Uncoated metal mesh slings may not function correctly at temperatures higher than 550 degrees F, whereas metallic-core wire rope slings may not function correctly above 400 degrees F or below -40 degrees F.

It is critical to establish the temperature you will be working with before contacting the manufacturer to ensure that the equipment you select is suited to your environment.

Consider the Load Limit

Consider the Load Limit

Another aspect to take into account is load limit. Your working load limit is the most weight that may be securely used on a particular piece of rigging apparatus. Keep in mind that this load restriction may not apply to all the equipment you are utilizing.

After establishing the weight of your rigging task, you have to make sure that each piece of equipment complies with that limit or over it. It is better to use a piece of equipment that can deal with more weight than you are using instead of one that's only suited to your current weight demand or lower. The first option will also allow you to handle projects involving more weight in the future.

Invest in Long-Lasting Products

Finally, keep in mind that when it comes to rigging and lifting equipment, durability is crucial. Always invest in high-quality lifting and rigging tools and materials. You must have confidence that all your equipment will last as long as the manufacturer claims it will, given routine maintenance and inspections.

Get Only the Best

Choosing the best lifting and rigging equipment should be your top consideration to ensure workplace safety and efficiency.

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