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Lifting Blocks and Pulleys

Why Choose Southeast Rigging

Southeast Rigging is the premier supplier of lifting blocks and pulleys in Georgia and Florida. We provide a wide range of equipment to match various applications and to accommodate different weight capacities. And if you specifically ask for American-made products, you’ll get it.

Businesses and contractors in the Southeast region trust our sales representatives to recommend the most suitable blocks and pulleys based on each job. Our one-stop shop for rigging and lifting equipment also provides solid after-sales support to all customers.

Explore our selection of balls, blocks, sockets, and swivels today. With Southeast Rigging's lifting blocks, you can be sure that lifting operations will go smoothly and safely.

Southeast rigging


Johnson overhaul balls are available in a wide range of unit sizes to accommodate different field applications. The range includes more than 240 models, from 35 pounds to 1150 pounds, or from 3 tons to 30 tons. Our inventory also includes non-swivel balls.


This collection of rigging blocks includes 100 standard models with a wide range of weight-to-capacity ratios. In addition to their actual quality, these products offer quick rigging and easy maintenance. Custom-engineered balls are available upon request.


Shorty “J” is used with virtually all types of mobile cranes, overhead cranes, truck cranes, hydraulic cranes, and cable cranes. For this reason, we provide a variety of Shorty “J” crane blocks that can accommodate weight capacities from 3 tons to 350 tons.


The mobile crane block’s quick-release zinc-plated pin meets OSHA requirements for rope retention. The available weight capacities range from 5 to 300 tons. You may contact one of our sales representatives for inquiries about larger capacities.


Southeast Rigging offers 235 standard models of single-sheave and double-sheave snatch blocks from Johnson. The sheave diameters range from 3 to 24 inches. Meanwhile, the weight capacities range from 2 to 30 metric tons.


Johnson wire rope sheaves are cost-efficient and industry-proven products that range from 3 to 108 inches. There are over 250 standard models; over 100,000 products have been sold to businesses and contractors everywhere.


Johnson open wedge sockets are the ultimate combination of positive attachment and optimum versatility. These easy-to-change sockets are made of cast alloy steel and can be used with different rope sizes.


Johnson is an established manufacturer of oilfield equipment. With over 50 years of experience with sheaves and blocks, the manufacturer accommodates the rigging and lifting needs of the petroleum industry. Custom-engineered oilfield blocks are also available upon request.


Southeast Rigging features a variety of swivels in standard designs. These heavy-duty products are engineered for longevity and durability. They also come at reasonable costs. You may talk to our sales representatives to request custom-engineered swivels.

View our catalog of rigging blocks

Southeast Rigging features a full catalog of our rigging and lifting equipment. View pages 137 to 144 of the catalog to learn more about our rigging blocks and pulleys.


Overhaul Balls

Overhaul balls are used to add weight to a crane rope. This helps keep the rope line tight to prevent spooling and twisting issues that can potentially damage the crane or other equipment.

Crane Block

We have you covered no matter what type of crane block you need for your lifting situation. We carry numerous crane block styles for replacement, upgrades, or versatility.
Crane block
Snatch block

Snatch Block

A snatch block is a heavy-duty pulley inside a rugged metal casing that works as a pulley point to direct a winch line. Snatch blocks are ideal for transferring loads over short distances.


Sheaves are used in many lifting and rigging applications and can redirect wire cable, help lift loads, and transmit power. This integral part of the pulley system is critical for lifting heavy loads. We offer multiple sizes and styles.
Wedge socket terminator

Wedge Sockets/ Terminator Beckets

A wedge socket or terminator becket secures the tail end of a wire rope to the wedge. This gets rid of wedge loss and the need for excess wire rope. It also helps reduce potential breaking at the tail from fatigue.


We offer various crane block swivels to meet nearly any application. Swivels help a block rotate and move to accommodate the specific needs of a given lifting situation.
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