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Southeast Rigging is a trusted supplier of chain rigging equipment in Jacksonville, FL and the entire Southeast region. Our product selection addresses the varying needs of any project — small, large, and everything in between. These chains are made of different materials suitable for different lifting loads and weights.

Contractors and businesses trust the high-quality products and full-service solutions recommended by our advisors. Our knowledgeable sales representatives also provide strong after-sales support. With Southeast Rigging, all customers know that they are only one call away from solving their rigging needs and concerns.

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Rigging Chain Types and Uses

Proof Coil, Grade 30


This heavy-duty general-purpose chain boasts standard commercial quality. It’s used for tow chain fabrication. It is also used to bind chains and logging chains. It can be self-colored or hot-dipped galvanized.

It’s not suitable for overhead lifting.

Alloy, Grade 80


These chains are specifically recommended for overhead lifting purposes.

Alloy, Grade 100


This is recommended if you need chains for overhead lifting. It’s 25% stronger than System 8 chains. It also lets you do the same lifts with lighter-weight chains.

Stainless Steel


These non-magnetic lifting chains are electrically welded and corrosion-resistant. They are commonly used for food processing, chemical, and marine applications.

These aren’t made for overhead lifting.



This is made for tie-down purposes. You may opt for Grade 43 chains with a Bright finish. The yellow chromated zinc electroplated Grade 70 chain has a higher load-to-weight ratio.

It isn’t made for overhead lifting applications.

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