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Four-Way Lifting Chains

Southeast Rigging, your most reliable supplier of rigging hardware in the southeast, carries a selection of four-leg chain slings. Our convenient and multi-purpose four-way lifting chains are ideal for four-point rigging lifts. These chain slings come in Grade 8 and Grade 10 steel. They are custom-engineered, offering unique working load limits and size. Check them out below.

Grade 8 Four-Leg Chain Slings

Grade 8 quadruple leg chain slings offer high strength-to-weight ratio, making them suitable for various industrial and construction applications.

The four-leg chain slings consist of a master link, connectors, and chain and hook assemblies. These parts make up the heavy-duty chain slings that can lift extremely heavy loads safely and efficiently.

Our Grade 8 chain slings are manufactured to the highest standards, featuring heavy-duty components and safety catches. They can also be custom-built to your exact requirements so you can use them for your specific purposes.

Grade 10 Four-Leg Chain Slings

Made of high-quality, heat-treated alloy steel, Grade 10 quadruple leg chain slings offer enhanced strength and elongation. These characteristics give the four-leg chain slings a longer service life.

These chain slings have a higher load capacity compared to Grade 8 four-leg chain slings. The higher working load limit means you can use smaller chain diameters, so they are lighter and easier to handle without compromising their lifting capabilities.

Learn more about quadruple leg chain slings

Southeast Rigging features a full catalog of our rigging products and lifting equipment, including standard 4-leg rigging chain sling models. Find out more by browsing the catalog.

Why choose Southeast Rigging?

The Southeast Rigging team has over a hundred years of combined experience in rigging and lifting equipment. We’re knowledgeable in which products and accessories are most suitable for every application.


We're a premier provider of four-leg chain slings and other rigging equipment throughout the Southeast region. We stand behind the quality and durability of our products. We offer can offer both US made and high quality import options for most any rigging application.

Chain slings are only a small portion of what we have to offer. Our knowledgeable sales people can recommend safe and cost effective options for any lifting application or problem you need to solve.

Southeast Rigging strives for 100% customer satisfaction. You can count on our team to assist you even after your purchase. We provide after-sales support for any assistance you need or questions you may have.

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Southeast Rigging is a trusted supplier of four-leg chain slings in the Southeastern United States. You may check our catalog for detailed information about our four-leg chain slings. Contact us today for inquiries or if you need help finding a specific product.
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