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Rigging Hardware

Why shop from Southeast Rigging?

Southeast Rigging is a premier supplier of carbon-alloy-stainless rigging hardware in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa. Businesses and contractors throughout the Southeast region trust our wire ropes and chain fittings.

We’re a one-stop shop for all your rigging hardware needs. We can help you find everything from stainless steel forged wire rope clips to galvanized thimbles to alloy master links. Our knowledgeable sales representatives can recommend the most suitable hardware based on your application.

In addition to helping you find the right product for the job, we provide strong after-sales support. All customers can call us for assistance and concerns regarding their purchases. Our team readily addresses each one.

Explore our wide range of rigging hardware below.

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Choosing the Right Wire Rope Clips

There’s not one wire rope clip that can address all rigging and lifting applications. You have to choose a product that’s strong enough to handle the length, size, and weight of your load.

One of the most important factors to pay attention to is the wire rope clip’s efficiency rating, based on the rope’s breaking strength. Clip sizes ranging from 1/8 to 7/8 inch have an 80% efficiency rating; 1 to 2-inch clips are 90% efficient.  

Southeast Rigging is Florida’s trusted provider of wire rope clips along with other types of rigging hardware. Our team has over a hundred years of combined experience in the rigging and lifting industry. We supply some of the most durable and dependable rigging products and accessories on the market. 

Let us help you find the right wire ropes and accessories for your application.

Learn more about our rigging hardware

Southeast Rigging features a full catalog of rigging and lifting equipment. View pages 95 to 131 of the catalog to learn more about our wire ropes, chain fittings, and other rigging hardware.

Forged Wire Rope Clips
Wire Rope Bundling Clip
Malleable Iron Wire Rope Clips
Stainless Steel Forged Wire Rope Clips
Bolt Type Anchor Shackles
Stainless Steel Bolt Type Anchor Shackles
Screw Pin Anchor Shackles
Carbon Screw Pin Chain Shackles, Galvanized
Carbon Round Pin Chain Shackles, Self-Colored
Swivel Hoist Hooks – Latched
Eye Hoist Hooks – Regular
Eye Hoist Hooks – Latched
Snap Hooks
Sorting Hooks
Drop Forged Eye & Eye Swivels, Galvanized
Manila Rope Thimbles, Galvanized
Heavy Wire Rope Thimbles, Galvanized
Weldless Sling Links
Hook & Eye Turnbuckles
Eye & Eye Turnbuckles
Jaw & Jaw Turnbuckles
Clevis Grab Hooks
Clevis Slip Hooks
Alloy Sling Hooks
Alloy Grab Hooks
Self-locking Eye Hooks
Lever type Load Binders
Repair Kits
Self-locking Swivel Hooks
Alloy Oblong Master Links
Alloy Wide Master Links
Alloy Oblong Master Link Sub-Assembly
Drop Forged Eye Bolts
Screw Thread Eye Bolts
Machinery Eye Bolts
Drop Forged Pad Eyes
Sliding Choker Hooks
Casing And Choker Thimbles
Slip-On Thimble
Ratchet Load Binders
shakle lifting


Shackles are essential for safety and securement in any rigging situation. We offer numerous sizes and styles of shackle to meet these needs with all of them made of heavy-duty materials for reliable performance.


Hooks are an integral piece of hardware necessary for many lifting and rigging purposes. We offer many varieties and sizes of rigging hooks to use in industrial, commercial, and other applications.


Clips are another essential piece of hardware used in many wire rope lifting scenarios. They help to create a rope eye or connect two cables together. We have a variety of sizes and styles in stock to meet your rigging needs.
chain sling

Chain Slings

An easy and affordable lifting solution, the single-leg chain sling is made with heavy-duty chain and hooks to provide versatile use in many different applications.

Wire Rope Chokers

Wire rope chokers provide strength and durability to lift tough loads. Southeast Rigging, Inc. offers steel chokers and nylon chokers suited for various load lifting applications. Wire rope chokers allow for faster and more stable handling.

Slings _ Assemblies
Pull hoist

Master/Hoist Rings

Master/hoist rings are a standard piece of rigging hardware that can simplify overhead lifting while also enhancing safety. We carry a number of master/hoist rings including universal, swivel, and pivot styles.


Tumbuckels (also often known as turnbuckles) is a piece of hardware that enables tightening by use of two screw threads. We carry a variety of tumbuckles with different ends including hooks, eye bolts, and shackles to meet your lifting and rigging needs.
Chain swivel


Rigging swivels are an essential piece of hardware for precise load positioning. They can help prevent the possibility of rotation and binding when used in lifting applications. We carry various sizes and styles.


Links are a basic but common piece of rigging hardware. They serve as connection points for many different rigging assemblies. We carry a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to meet any lifting or rigging application.
Eye Bolt


Eyebolts are another common piece of hardware that is commonly used in lifting and rigging situations. They can be used as a lifting or securement point and we carry a number of sizes to meet various applications.

Load Binders

Load binders help tighten chain to better secure loads of many kinds. They offer superior strength and stability for transportation or safety purposes.
Load binders
Ratchet Chain Binder

Ratchet Binders

Ratchet binders help tighten chain to better secure cargo and other heavy loads. We offer heavy-duty ratchet binders that can be used with a variety of different chains or ropes.
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