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Wire Rope & Chain Fittings


Wire Rope Clips


Stainless Steel

Malleable Iron

IMPORTANT: Instructions For Use
1. Turn back specified amount of rope per clip size
(shown in the table below) from the thimble. Install clip
on base width from dead end of rope (U-bolt over dead
end). Tighten nuts evenly to recommended torque.
2. Assemble the next clip as close to the loop as possible. Turn nuts alternately and firmly until the ropes
make contact.
3. If any additional clips are required, they should be
equally spaced between the first two. Tighten all nuts
evenly on all clips to recommended torque (see table).
Apply the initial load to test the assembly. This load
should be equal or greater weight than loads expected in use. Retighten nuts to recommended torque.
Periodically, inspect assembly and tighten nuts to recommended torque.

The efficiency rating of a properly installed clip is based
upon the catalog breaking strength of wire rope. The
efficiency rating for clip sizes 1/8” through 7/8” is 80%
and for sizes 1” through 2” is 90%. When a pulley is
used in place of thimble for turning back the rope, one
additional clip should be added.
The minimum number of clips shown in the table is
based on using right or lang lay wire rope, 6×19 class,
or 6×37 class, IWRC or fiber core, IPS or EIPS. If Seale
construction or similar large outer wire type construction in the 6×19 class is being used for 1” and larger
wire rope, one additional clip should be added.
The minimum number of clips shown in the table can
be used with right regular lay wire rope, 8×19 class,
fiber core IPS or IPS for 1-1/2” and smaller wire rope.
The number of clips shown also applies to right regular lay wire rope 18×7 class, fiber core IPS or XIPS for
1-3/4” and smaller wire rope.
For classes of wire rope not mentioned, additional clips
may be necessary to make a proper termination. Do
not use on plastic coated wire rope.

Forged Wire Rope Clips

Wire Rope Bundling Clip

Malleable Iron Wire Rope Clips

Stainless Steel Forged Wire Rope Clips

Stainless Steel Forged Wire Rope Clips

Bolt Type Anchor Shackles

Stainless Steel Bolt Type Anchor Shackles

Screw Pin Anchor Shackles

Carbon Screw Pin Chain Shackles, Galvanized

Carbon Round Pin Chain Shackles, Self-Colored

Swivel Hoist Hooks – Latched

Eye Hoist Hooks – Regular

Eye Hoist Hooks – Latched

Snap Hooks

Sorting Hooks

Drop Forged Eye & Eye Swivels, Galvanized

Drop Forged Jaw & Eye Swivels, Galvanized

Manila Rope Thimbles, Galvanized

Heavy Wire Rope Thimbles, Galvanized

Weldless Sling Links


Hook & Eye Turnbuckles

Eye & Eye Turnbuckles

Jaw & Jaw Turnbuckles

Jaw & Eye Turnbuckles

Clevis Grab Hooks

Clevis Slip Hooks

Alloy Sling Hooks

Alloy Grab Hooks

Self-locking Eye Hooks

Repair Kits

Self-locking Swivel Hooks

Alloy Oblong Master Links

Alloy Wide Master Links

Alloy Oblong Master Link Sub-Assembly

Drop Forged Eye Bolts

Screw Thread Eye Bolts

Machinery Eye Bolts

Drop Forged Pad Eyes

Drop Forged Eye Nuts

Sliding Choker Hooks

Casing And Choker Thimbles

Slip-On Thimble


Ratchet Load Binders

Lever type Load Binders

For detailed information about our Rigging Hardware/Wire Rope & Chain Fittings, go to pages 95-131 in the Full Catalog