Synthetic Web Slings and Assemblies

Synthetic Web Slings & Assemblies

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Southeast Rigging is a premier source of synthetic web slings and assemblies. Businesses and contractors in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and the entire Southeast region come to us for their rigging equipment needs.

From triangle choker slings to round slings to multi-leg bridles, you can find every type of synthetic web sling that you need for any project. Our knowledgeable sales representatives will recommend the right products based on your application. We also provide USA-made products when you specifically ask for them.

In addition to helping you find the most suitable slings for the job, our sales representatives provide after-sales support. You may contact us after making a purchase for product-related assistance and inquiries.

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Choosing the Right Synthetic Web Sling

Round slings are some of the most popular synthetic web slings because they’re cost-efficient and they can easily hoist, lift, and rig heavy loads. But they’re not an all-rounder type of sling. Choose the right type of synthetic slings for your application based on these factors:

  • Load Size and Length: Always measure your load size and calculate its weight before purchasing synthetic web slings. You want a sling that can safely and securely lift your load.
  • Ply Configuration: Each layer of a synthetic web sling is called a ply. And the more plies there are, the stronger the sling will be. Check the ply configuration to match your application.
  • Accessories: Your synthetic web sling could last longer and be more durable if you accompany it with accessories like sling pads, edge guards, and corner protectors.

Southeast Rigging’s synthetic web slings and accessories are trusted by customers throughout the entire Southeast region because we know what we’re talking about. With over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, we supply the most efficient and dependable products for businesses and contractors.

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Southeast Rigging features a full catalog of rigging and lifting equipment. Check pages 85 to 93 of the catalog for more details about our synthetic web slings and assemblies.