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Different Types of Cranes Used in Construction

Organizing a construction project is a difficult task. You need to cover all significant aspects, including efficiency, safety, and quality; otherwise, many dangerous situations can occur. Research shows how improper usage or choice of equipment can result in accidents. To minimize harm and maximize positive outcomes, you need to have proper knowledge about your equipment as possible. 

For starters, keep reading to find out the most important types of cranes used in construction.

Types of Cranes Used In Construction: Static vs. Mobile

Make a distinction between static and mobile cranes, as all cranes fall into either of the two categories:

  1. Static -  Also known as fixed, static cranes are set up in a fixed position in the building or the ground. Once positioned in a certain spot, they only work along a fixed path, so you cannot freely move them during a project.
  2. Mobile - Considered more practical, mobile cranes can be moved from one spot to another. You can even use them for transporting heavy equipment and materials between sites as they are mounted on wheels or crawlers. 

Static Cranes

When someone mentions types of giant construction cranes, most people imagine a fixed tower crane. Because contractors use fixed cranes for heavy lifting and difficult tasks, the cranes are heavy and large themselves. Here are some of the most popular types. 


The tower crane extends high above, providing minimal land obstruction but maximum efficiency. They have a concrete base (the tower) and a long horizontal jib attached to it. They are mostly used for large construction projects in populated areas. 


A bulk-handling crane is a perfect option when you need to lift a large stack of heavy materials. It has a grabbing mechanism specifically designed for collecting and holding heavy materials. 


This type of crane is primarily found in industrial buildings. Because of its looks, it’s also known as a bridge crane. It’s placed horizontally on top of a site. Contractors use it for repetitive tasks and to increase safety and efficiency. The two main types of overhead cranes are gantry and jib. 

Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes are considered the most practical type of construction crane because you can use them in various ways. However, to make the most of them, you need to have proper additional equipment such as rigging blocks and tackles or a double-leg chain sling. Here are the most common types of mobile cranes:

Carry Deck

Carry deck cranes are considered the most flexible because they are installed on wheels, are small, and can rotate 360 degrees. They are easy to operate and set up, while their small sizes allow them access to various sites. 


Instead of wheels, crawler cranes are mounted on crawlers. These are vehicles with rubber tracks. As a result, this mobile crane is slower and doesn’t have a large turning capacity. However, this crane can easily travel through sites with soft ground, which isn’t the case for many others. 


The most interesting type of crane is the floating mobile crane, and its primary usage is for projects on open waters — ports, oil rigs, etc. Because these cranes are mounted on ships, people also call them crane ships and crane vessels. 


Rough terrain cranes are specifically made for working on rough and rugged terrain. They have four heavy, durable rubber wheels that can ride through many types of surfaces. Plus, they have impeccable balance and are the most stable mobile crane.  

Choose the Right Equipment

Many factors influence the success of a construction project, and proper equipment is one of them. Choosing the wrong tools for the job can have serious consequences and might cost you more than a failed project. If you want to ensure safety and quality, always work with reliable manufacturers.

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