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Synthetic Web Slings and Assemblies

Why shop from Southeast Rigging?

Southeast Rigging is a premier source of synthetic web slings and assemblies. Businesses and contractors in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and the entire Southeast region come to us for their rigging equipment needs. From triangle choker slings to round slings to multi-leg bridles, you can find every type of synthetic web sling that you need for any project from Florida’s premier supplier of synthetic web slings. 

Our knowledgeable sales representatives will recommend the right products based on your application. We also provide USA-made products when you specifically ask for them. In addition to helping you find the most suitable slings for the job, our sales representatives provide after-sales support. You may contact us after purchasing for product-related assistance and inquiries. 

Browse your options today. Customization is available upon request. We strive to provide you with webbing slings that meet your specifications.

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Choosing the Right Synthetic Web Sling

Round slings are some of the most popular synthetic web slings because they’re cost-efficient, and they can easily hoist, lift, and rig heavy loads. But they’re not an all-rounder type of sling. Choose the right type of synthetic slings for your application based on these factors:

  • Load Size and Length: Always measure your load size and calculate its weight before purchasing synthetic web slings. You want a sling that can safely and securely lift your load.
  • Ply Configuration: Each layer of a synthetic web sling is called a ply. And the more plies there are, the stronger the sling will be. Check the ply configuration to match your application.
  • Accessories: Your synthetic web sling could last longer and be more durable if you accompany it with accessories like sling pads, edge guards, and corner protectors.

Customers throughout the entire Southeast region trust Southeast Rigging’s synthetic web slings and accessories because we know what we’re talking about. With over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, we supply the most efficient and dependable products for businesses and contractors.

Shop today.

Types of Synthetic Web Slings

Southeast Rigging offers various types of synthetic web slings for sale.

Eye and Eye Web Slings

Eye and eye web slings have eyes sewn into opposite ends, which can be configured with either a flat eye or twisted eye. A flat eye is ideal for choker, basket, and vertical hitches, while a twisted eye is best for a choker hitch.

Infinite Loop Web Slings

Endless or infinite loop web slings have twisted eyes on both ends and can be used for choker, basket, and vertical hitches. They can withstand wear and tear if you rotate them while in use, avoiding damage from repetitive use.

Reverse Eye Web Slings

A reverse eye web sling is similar to an endless web sling but with butted edges sewn together to double the sling width. The eyes and wear pads of both sides of a reverse eye web sling are reinforced to provide maximum resistance to abrasion and wear and tear.

Triangle/Choker Web Slings

A triangle/choker web sling has a triangle and a choker fitting on either end. While this type of web sling can be used for vertical and basket hitches, it’s more often used in a choker hitch.

Triangle/Triangle Web Slings

A triangle/triangle web sling is similar to a triangle/choker web sling, except it has a triangle fitting on both ends. It cannot be used in a choker hitch but is normally used in a basket hitch and a vertical hitch.

Wide Lift Web Slings

A wide lift web sling has a wider width and more surface area than other web slings, making them ideal for a basket hitch. This configuration improves load stability, which is especially important for bulky and fragile loads.

Synthetic Web Sling Materials

Using synthetic web slings can help reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase safety when lifting heavy items. Nylon and polyester web slings are excellent options for any application requiring superior strength and flexibility at an affordable price.

Synthetic web slings come in various materials, the most popular being nylon and polyester.

Types of Materials


Nylon web slings are particularly popular for their strength, flexibility, and affordability. They also resist abrasion, rot, mildew, oil, and other chemicals. Nylon web slings are often used for heavy-duty applications such as lifting large loads or support structures.


Polyester web slings offer similar advantages as nylon but tend to be more expensive due to their high resistance to stretching. They are typically preferred when dealing with delicate materials that require precise positioning or uniform support around them.

Learn more about our synthetic web slings

Southeast Rigging features a full catalog of rigging and lifting equipment. Check pages 85 to 93 of the catalog for more details about our synthetic web slings and assemblies.

Round Body

Synthetic round body slings help better secure and stabilize rounded loads. This sling easily contours to a round shape to help lift bails, pipe, pillars, and anything else that lacks regular pick points
Round body
Flat body

Flat Body

Flat body web slings have widespread use in machinery, shipping, transportation, and construction, among other industries. They feature looped ends and a high load rating to assist many lifting applications.

Tie Downs

Synthetic tie-downs are used in various situations and offer excellent load retention and securement capabilities. These can be paired with different hardware to provide numerous solutions where strength and stability are required.
Tie down Straps
Ratchet tie down

Ratchet Straps

Synthetic ratchet straps provide a reliable way to secure loads. Heavy-duty and durable, our ratchet straps are made to last and handle a variety of applications. These are ideal where very secure tie-down or securement solutions are needed.

Cargo Control

Proper cargo securement is essential for transportation and many other purposes. Synthetic cargo control straps offer superior strength, stability, and length to meet nearly every cargo control situation.
Cargo strap
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