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A Leader in Lifting and Rigging Training

Lifting and Rigging Training

Southeast Rigging provides lifting and rigging training at our facility.

Through the discerning eyes of our qualified inspection team, we will inspect your lifting products to ensure that they are well-maintained and safe to use for their specified applications. Our team will also review your lifting and application procedures and offer recommendations.

With rigging and lifting training, you can make project sites safer and lower the risk of crane and rigging accidents.

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synthetic web slings

Inspection, Repair, and Testing Services for Slings and Lifting Fixtures

In-house or onsite inspections and load testing.
Printed or electronic report on results of inspection and testing.
Qualified trainers on staff to conduct safety seminars and product training.
In-plant surveys of your lifting procedures.
Safety is our business


Load Testing

Load testing and equipment inspections are key components of lifting and rigging training. Load testing is a method used to check the integrity of the load before being lifted to ensure it will not break or cause other damage during the lift. This is accomplished by simulating different scenarios with known weights, angles, and forces.

Crane Inspection

Cranes are a vital part of any lifting and rigging operation, and regular crane inspections are necessary to ensure they remain safe for use. Inspectors will check for signs of corrosion or wear that could be potential safety risks when operating the crane.

Fall Protection

Rigging and lifting operations often take place in areas where there is the potential for someone to fall from a height. To ensure safety, all personnel should be trained on proper fall protection techniques and equipment.

Safety is Our Business

To ensure a safe work environment for you, your employees, and customers, Southeast Rigging Inc. and Orlando Rigging Supply offer safety seminars designed for your specific needs. We also offer in-house or on-site sling inspections and application recommendations.

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Why Choose Southeast Rigging

Southeast Rigging is committed to helping ensure a safe work environment. As such, our products, as well as training services, are geared towards protecting you, your employees, and your customers.

As a company that has been providing the industry with the latest rigging technologies since 1989, we have the expertise and experience to help ensure a safe work environment and support your work operations through our lifting and rigging training services.

These training programs are carried out by professionals in the industry with the knowledge and qualifications needed to oversee and ensure the safety of your products and processes.

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Southeast Rigging is a trusted supplier of reliable rigging products in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa, FL. Browse through our rigging and lifting products here.
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  • Mobile Spooling
  • Mobile Spooling

Mobile Spooling

Southeast Rigging not only supplies wire rope for your crane, but we also remove and install the new wire rope on-site. With our large mobile spooler, we can come to you to remove your worn or damaged cable and replace it. We understand that when a crane is down, the jobsite stops. Our goal is to greatly reduce downtime to help finish the project on time.
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