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A Guide to Buying The Right Rigging Equipment

The most recent data from the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) shows that over half of all fatal crane injuries in the US involved the victim being hit by an object or equipment. 

Maintaining a safe workplace starts with buying the proper rigging equipment for the job. But, with hundreds of products on the market, it can be hard to choose the right type of lifting equipment. Each model has its own distinct features and capabilities. It’s important to select tools that will enable workers to complete projects safely, promptly, and efficiently.

What to buy

To secure heavy objects onto cranes, you need reliable rigging hardware. These include: 

For lifting equipment, you will need:

  • Swivels
  • Hooks
  • Connectors
  • Chokers
  • Blocks

When it comes to rigging and lifting equipment, every part and accessory counts. Just one weak area can jeopardize your entire project and put your workers’ safety at risk. 

Factors to consider when selecting rigging and lifting hardware

Here are six things to pay attention to that can help narrow down your search for the right tools.

Load limit

Every piece of rigging equipment has a working load limit (WLL) or the maximum allowed weight that it can move, secure, or lower under regular conditions. For example, a strap with a WLL of 5,000 pounds must not be used to secure any object beyond that weight.

Know the exact weight of the loads you’ll be working with and choose gear specifically rated for that weight. Incorrect equipment can put your workers, load, and the entire operation at risk. 

As a safety measure, label each tool or component with capacity markings. This way, the operator can quickly see its maximum load and prevent serious injury or equipment damage.


The best way to ensure steady performance is to invest in equipment manufactured from high-quality parts and materials.

While durable equipment can often be more expensive, you can be assured that the initial cost is a worthwhile investment. Cheaper, less durable products are prone to premature breakage and failures which can delay your project and cause safety hazards. Their repair and replacement expenses can also make them more costly in the long run. 

With regular inspections and maintenance, you should feel confident that your equipment will last you many years.

winter construction

Environmental conditions

The location of your job site and its climate are also crucial factors to consider when shopping for rigging equipment. 

  • Temperature

Temperature can have lasting effects on certain types of hardware. You could risk damaging your rigging tools by exposing them to temperatures they are not engineered to withstand. 

Some parts and tools are designed for specific outdoor conditions. For instance, wire ropes perform better in warm environments while fiber cores are more suitable for cold climates. Stainless steel chains or slings are highly durable and can withstand almost any extreme weather condition.

To know which hardware suits your exact job site, It’s best to consult a rigging equipment specialist. 

  • Humidity

Rust and corrosion weaken equipment and increase the risk of project delays and poor outcomes. If you’re working near seawater or in harsh weather conditions like snow or rainstorms, consider purchasing tools made from materials that withstand corrosion like webbing and stainless steel.

Regulatory obligations

Lifting and rigging equipment must comply with specific regulatory obligations depending on your project or operation. Certain rules apply to domestic, commercial, and industrial sites, and you will need to follow them to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Aside from choosing safe and compliant gear, make sure all workers are familiar with the regulatory guidelines and observe all safety protocols. 

Shop strong and compliant rigging and lifting hardware

Your equipment is a significant asset to your business, so it’s important that you make the right choice.

Southeast Rigging is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of superior rigging and lifting equipment. We provide all types of chains, hooks, shackles, wire rope assemblies, and customized synthetic products to suit all types of jobs. 

Since 1989, we have been committed to delivering exceptional tools, value, and customer service to all of our clients. As an OSHA-certified company, we can be depended on to provide training and after-sales support throughout the lifecycle of your projects.

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